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Peace Posters

Mill Creek Community Lions





Peace Poster 2017

After Several rounds of Judging:


Winner runner-up:

Rowan McNeely




Paige Stock


Thank You AGAIN! Mrs. Serry and your students!

Paige will now be judged at a Lions District level






Peace Poster 2016



We had 3 rounds of picks. Below is the second round of picks from our judges:





Final round of picks, Runner up is Ashlin Regulinksi



And the Winner: Brittney Sanders!



Again!... Thanks to Theresa Serry for a great project for her 6th grade students in the participation of the Lions Peace Poster contest! Another thanks to all those special artists in her class








Peace Poster 2015

The Peace Poster Contest is a Lion sponsored event to give a wonderful opportunity for youths in the community to stress the importance of peace, tolerance and international understanding. This contest is intended for 11-13 year olds to creatively express what it means to themselves and to share their sponsored school or youth group.


Thank you Theresa Serry for guiding the children thru the Peace Poster competition










2nd Place Winner:


Casey Kibe


1st place winner:


Isaac Trent






It will now go to the next level for District Judging. Stay tuned for further results!


Thank You Theresa Serry and your students for a wonderful job and for your participation!






Peace Posters 2014












Runner Up



and the winner in the Local is:




















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